5 reasons why you need a single cloud services provider

July 6, 2015 Claranet Limited

73% of enterprises would prefer to have a single committed cloud partner. [1]

Either to manage relationships with other channel partners or as a single provider.

Here are 5 reasons why they think that way.

1) Free up your IT department to innovate

One of the advantages of the cloud is that it unburdens your IT department from faffing with hardware and lets them focus on directly contributing to business value.

Worse than hardware faff is dealing with multiple SLAs from multiple vendors, each of which are using different technology, interfaces and jargon.

That is where the cloud stops being a boon and becomes a bane.

A single cloud service partner saves you the headache of multiple vendor management and frees up your IT department to innovate.

2) No one is taking full responsibility

You can have the best portfolio of cloud providers in the world, but if something goes wrong with your network, do they care?

And what about infrastructure-wide concerns, such as disaster recovery? With multiple providers do you have a DR plan for each, or try to synthesise them all into one?

Unless integration – and accountability – are consistent across your whole system, you can always run into problems.

A single provider that takes full responsibility for both hosting and networking can guarantee the quality of service across your whole infrastructure.

3) Resolve problems easily

With several cloud providers you don’t get a full service wrap. Nor the reassurance of end-to-end responsibility. If something goes wrong, who do you go to? The different parts of your cloud are disjointed.

With a single service provider, you have a single point of contact at all times. Someone who is fully accountable.

Whether you’re migrating and on-boarding, scaling infrastructure, or managing applications – you know who to turn to.

And you even get to avoid all that running around as each provider blames the other!

4) Fluency and interoperability

Co-ordinating business services and resources is a tightrope walk at the best of times.

With different cloud providers there is not necessarily any standardisation and no guarantee that their services will easily integrate with each other.

Why not guarantee integration capability between the different parts of your infrastructure? This makes it much easier for employees to collaborate: e.g. if your different communications services – email, voice, IM – are all looked after jointly they will sync seamlessly.

Not to mention security and compliance concerns when sharing applications and sensitive data across different services!

5) Overall costs are lower

Let’s get back to basics: it will save you money.

It’s cheaper to bundle services from a single provider. Your finance team spends less time reconciling budgets. Your employees are more efficient: they don’t have log-in problems, it’s easier for them to integrate new services as your business grows and they spend less time service managing multiple patches and upgrades across multiple portals.

And don’t forget that you also save on staff costs in your IT department. Infrastructure expertise is taken care of by the experts, letting you focus on growing your business.

Trust and Reliability

Sometimes commentators justify having a single service provider with the somewhat disconcerting incentive of having a ‘single throat to choke’.

But is this really the best we can do? Having a single place to direct your anger?!

You need a holistic solution delivered with trust and reliability: from initial consultancy and solution design, to service management, network management and additional services delivered as the cherry on top.

Claranet’s mission is to be the most trusted managed services provider in Europe. We have been recently confirmed (July 2015) as ‘Leaders’ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Based Managed Hosting for the third consecutive year.

Our full service wrap covers a unique combination of expertise across networks, hosting and communications. We are a rare breed in that we provide network and hosting expertise and guarantees within a single SLA.

Get in touch to find out more.


[1] http://www.realwire.com/releases/Threes-A-Crowd-Businesses-working-with-...

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