92% of customers would recommend Claranet

November 9, 2012 Claranet Limited

Claranet recently commissioned our latest Customer Satisfaction Survey which involved 25 30 minute telephone interviews conducted by an independent body. During the calls, a group of our current customers, who utilise a cross-section of our services were interviewed on their perceptions of Claranet.

The purpose of the survey was to gauge the current level of customer satisfaction and to learn how we can continue to innovate and improve our service offer.

As an integrated managed service provider much of our value add stems from understanding our customers’ needs and our ability to mould our expertise into bespoke solutions. Therefore it is vital that we pay close attention to what our customers are saying in order to adapt our services accordingly.

One of the key factors which differentiate us from our competitors is our commitment to customer service, provided by our employees, which surrounds and adds value to our technical capabilities. We not only aim to offer our customers top class infrastructure, but also top-class service management, implementation, support, change management, and billing services.

I am very proud of our staff and how their efforts to provide excellent service in the last twelve months have changed the overall perception of Claranet in our customers’ eyes, with 66% of our customers stating their perceptions of Claranet had improved since last year.

Encouragingly over 90% of those interviewed were satisfied with their overall experience as a customer of Claranet, while nearly half of these interviewees described themselves as very satisfied. When asked whether they would recommend us, an outstanding 92% of our customers answered yes. The area of our service offer to score most highly was service management. Pleasingly, two-thirds of customers have noted an improvement in their service management experience compared to 12 months ago, largely due to efforts aimed at improving our communication and reporting.

The area of future strategy that most interested our current customers was the expansion of our service offering portfolio. This is extremely encouraging because while customers indicated they were highly satisfied with their current service, their interest in augmenting this with relevant technological advances underlines they have faith in Claranet continuing to deliver a progressive, holistic solution.

While we realise these are a very positive set of results, we do not intend to rest on our laurels and will strive to improve further still.

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