Eight things that will stop working after PSTN switch off

March 15, 2022 Alex Dunlop

You might be looking at the looming 2025 public switched telephone network (PSTN) switch off deadline with some trepidation. 

The question is: what will stop working when Openreach turns it off? 

To help shine a light on the situation, we've assembled a list of technologies that you'll need to upgrade before the deadline. 

1. Alarms

If your facilities rely on PSTN, you'll want to consider moving to an IP service that leverages SOGEA and backup 4G connectivity. 

2. Monitoring systems 

Many sectors use monitoring systems that rely on the copper cables of PSTN. For example, wastewater companies use monitoring devices to prevent flooding and pollution. 

3. Lifts 

Analogue auto dialers in lift alarms will also stop working. Instead, manufacturers will replace them with GSM alternatives and use SIM cards instead. Thankfully, this also comes with lower costs than a landline. 

4. Broadband services 

Any broadband connection that uses a telephone line will have to switch. ADSL will soon be a thing of the past. 

5. Fax machines 

Granted, you probably haven't used a fax machine for a while. However, it's still a popular tool in sectors such as healthcare and law. These will need replacing if they use the PSTN. 

6. Door entry systems 

Phone and video door entry systems sometimes rely on PSTN services. This is especially the case in historic or listed buildings with regulatory constraints. 

7. Payment terminals

Point of sale (PoS) terminals may need updating as well. Again, this is often the case at older stores and where terminals live at a fixed location. 

8. Phone lines 

All businesses will need to migrate their phone systems off the copper network. This requires making the jump to a VoIP cloud telephony system or perhaps integrating VoIP with  Microsoft Teams

If you’re a business with a customer contact centre running an on-premises PBX, this of course needs modernising too. Here, you'll want a scalable cloud contact centre instead. 

Get prepared for the PTSN switch off 

As you can see, there are many technologies that make use of PSTN services. Telephony systems, broadband connections, alarm systems — these all need updating before 2025. 

However, when you already have multiple plates to spin, finding time to review your own systems, find alternate connections, and build a strategy is challenging. 

So why not start a conversation with a partner you know has direct experience?

Alex Dunlop
Product Manager at Claranet  

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