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October 13, 2015 Claranet Limited


Digital innovation is transforming how customers and businesses connect.

Fully 77% of corporate executives think that the internet and consumer application companies are setting a new benchmark for customer experiences. [1]

And so much of your business depends on the reliability of that digital interaction: e-commerce platforms, payment systems, your website, your mobile app…

What’s happening is that your digital strategy and the applications that underpin it are swiftly becoming the front-line of your business.

Hard to please?

At the same time consumer expectations are rising.

Now your customers expect to be amazed every time they interact with your business. Regardless of platform or device.

Nearly two-thirds of corporate executives say that rising customer expectations have increased the pressure to innovate. [2]

So how do you maximise the effectiveness of your front-line applications amidst rising consumer pressure?

Innovation is the key

You need to ensure that those front-line applications are constantly adapting to consumer needs, and constantly being updated and improved accordingly. In a word, you need to innovate.

At Claranet, our managed IT services are designed to maximise your potential for innovation.

We take on the burden of dealing with infrastructure: fire-fighting, provisioning hardware, updating software and so on.

Managing your IT is essential, but doesn’t make your business any more innovative. If anything it gives you less time to dedicate to giving your mission critical applications that cutting edge that will take you beyond your competitors.

As your IT partner we will work with you to design a bespoke IT solution, tailored to your exact circumstances, that drives innovation.

The result?

Freedom for your team to spend less time running IT, and more time doing the things that make a better business.

Join the organisations throughout Europe that trust Claranet to expertly design, build and manage their hosting, networking and application services.

Get ready to do amazing things, with Claranet.

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[1, 2] Lithium, Executive Omnibus conducted by Harris Poll, 2 June 2015


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