How it all started: two tales of the cloud

September 29, 2015 karolina.pec

Ten years ago the cloud was in its infancy, with managed services practically embryonic. Their emergence coincided with a general drive to increase the reliability and availability of applications.

Many of our co-location and connectivity clients came to us looking for flexibility and reliability regarding their applications. Businesses didn’t (and don’t!) want to focus heavily on maintaining countless servers in the basement somewhere. They want to focus on their core business.

Private and hybrid clouds represent the beginning of how the cloud began to transform the playing field for application and data hosting.

Private and hybrid cloud
Although private clouds are similar in principle to the public cloud, there is one crucial difference between them:


To maintain high levels of security and ensure that your environment is tailored to your exact needs, the private cloud is an excellent option. And it’s much better value for money than trying to maintain your own private server room.

Want to make it even more cost-effective? Create a carefully-balanced mixture of on-premises, private and public cloud services, in which all the platforms are orchestrated with each other.

Hybrid cloud guarantees flexibility and cost-effectiveness: you can to exert maximum control over mission-critical applications or customer data in the private cloud in some cases, whilst leveraging the flexibility and pay-as-you-go efficiency for less important matters on the public cloud.

Let’s have a look at how two clients of ours profitably leveraged the private cloud at the very beginning of the cloud era!

Financial Software Limited: reliability and peace of mind

Financial Software Limited (FSL) had been providing software to their UK clients for over 16 years by the time the cloud era began. When they fully virtualized their physical machinery, the IT world was not yet even using the term ‘cloud server’ for managed hosting.

As a software provider to the financial sector, their key objective was to increase the reliability of their IT setup, with the cloud presenting an obvious solution. Since FSL were already customers of Techgate’s colocation and connectivity services, they decided to move their physical infrastructure to our private cloud.

What were the benefits?

Firstly, no more worries about their equipment or about software-as-a-service (SaaS) as an alternative to traditional software distribution models.

Secondly, by embracing the beginning of the cloud era, they helped themselves shift their focus away from managing hardware and back to their own area of expertise: making software.

And why did they choose the private cloud? Again: control. Their customers’ financial data was too sensitive to be hosted anywhere else.

They also availed themselves of Techgate’s Disaster Recovery solution to ensure that their developers can carry on writing code with the knowledge that the work they do will never be lost.

BLM: Growth and Availability

BLM, a UK-based law firm, needed to ensure the constant availability of critical legal documents as their business grew.

At that point there could be no compromise between availability, data security and compliance. The servers had to be UK based, secure and resilient.

And that’s why they called on Techgate to deliver an infrastructure and Disaster Recovery solution, all in a private cloud.

The outcome? Constant availability: everything a fast-paced City law firm needs.

How has the cloud changed?

In both cases our clients benefited from being able to better balance and focus their resources as well as achieve significant cost savings. They managed to retain control, run highly-efficient systems, improve cost-effectiveness and free up their time and energy for innovation.

And after all this time – and remembering that ten years in the ‘real world’ equals an eternity in IT! – these benefits still apply. The only difference is that the technology has got even better.

For more details on Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions, visit our Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions page and make sure you find out from the case studies how we still are helping FSL case study and BLM case study set themselves up for amazing things in the years ahead .

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