How Teams Rooms can save your business thousands

June 29, 2022 Alex Dunlop

In a previous blog, I talked about kickstarting hybrid meetings with Microsoft Teams Rooms, in this blog post I explored what a hybrid meeting was, why it is important and how Teams Rooms plays a significant part in your business’s adoption of hybrid meetings if you missed that blog you can read it here.

Today’s blog explores the direct cost savings your business can benefit from by rolling out Teams Rooms solutions. Although the rollout of new meeting room technology may seem like a cost your business doesn’t need right now, I’m here to tell you exactly what you need to know.

Reduced Travel Costs

Travel costs are something that all businesses incur, the scale of these costs depends on your organisation’s size and the industry. Employers usually choose to reimburse employees for personal car mileage, parking, hotels, and meals.

Let’s look at an example cost for 5 employees attending a 2-hour team meeting at their head office in a UK city.

  • 3 employees drive, with a total travel cost is £210. (based on a fixed pence per mile cost and cost of parking)

  • 2 employees take the train, with a total travel cost of £190 (based on 2 x return fares from 2 different cities)

The total travel costs for this meeting are £400.

If these teams hold these meetings once a quarter that’s a regular cost to the business of £1600, for a single team. If we then multiply this by the number of teams an organisation has, you can quickly see how the costs mount up.

Alternatively, if this organisation was using a Teams Rooms solution, the 2 employees that are regularly in their local office can join the meeting via the Room system and the 3 employees that live further away can join via Teams on their laptops. You can clearly see that with a Teams Rooms solution these costs can be significantly reduced, if not removed altogether.

Reduced IT Resource Costs

Many organisations have an IT team that experiences issues with resource allocation. Technology and IT needs have moved at such a pace that it's hard for these teams to keep up. Legacy video conferencing equipment is typically complicated and requires specialist knowledge and regular checks to ensure it's working as expected.

A study by Forrester found that on average, it takes a member of the IT team 10 minutes per room per day to check that a legacy Video Conferencing (VC) unit is working correctly and ready for the day’s meetings. If the organisation has 6 rooms at its head office that means the employee is spending 1 hour per day performing a sweep of meeting rooms. In the same study Forrester found that with a Team Rooms solution, the daily sweep takes only 1-2 minutes per room.

Although that 1-hour costs relatively little in terms of wages, think about how that employee could be using their time. That 1 hour could be spent on user support, resolving issues or maintaining other critical business systems. Teams Rooms helps bring that time saving to your business.

Reduced Meeting Setup Time

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the moment when everyone is together in the meeting room, the host wants to present some content or dial a remote party in and nothing works. Que the fiddling, rebooting and frantic calls to IT for help. How much time does this cost your business? Forrester estimates that on average employees lose 8 minutes per meeting due to a delayed start, so if your meeting has 4 participants on average, you’re losing a total time of over 30 minutes per meeting of employee productivity.

With a Teams Room system, the meeting can be started in less than 60 seconds. Due to its simple user-friendly interface and familiar layout, your employees can quickly start the meeting, share content and dial remote participants in easily. These direct time savings mean that employees will be more productive in the meeting and also have more time in their day.

These 3 topics only just begin to scratch the surface of how Teams Rooms can save your business thousands, if you want to find out more, or would like to speak to us about our Teams Rooms offering, contact us now.

Alex Dunlop
Product Manager, Unified Communications at Claranet  

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