How to use Hosted Voice to get one up on your competition

January 29, 2016 Claranet Limited

Have you ever heard of an agile, digital business that still communicates internally by fax?

No? It’s probably because that’s a terrible idea that would crash any business.

But why exactly?

Answer: a good business aligns its resources with its business objectives. You focus on a goal, then arrange your skills and tools so that you can achieve that goal as efficiently as possible. That’s how you win. And fax just isn’t capable of meeting today’s business needs.

If you want to beat the competition, no part of your business can be exempt from the above rule. But companies often don’t realize just how unsuitable (and important!) their internal communications systems are for meeting their business objectives.

If you want to respond to the marketplace quickly, align your resources flexibly, and produce more of the products the customer wants, quicker than the competition, you need a communications system that is flexible, scalable and available enough to ensure that you win.

What’s the solution?

A hosted communications system. This is an integrated hosted telephony system that empowers your business by delivering integrated calls, video, messaging, conferencing, screen sharing, directory and presence, across your entire business on all devices. You can deploy new features with a few clicks to tailor the service to your business needs, as well as use simple, intuitive online portals for configuration and access to real-time information.

Here’s 3 ways that hosted communications can enhance your company, move you towards your business objectives and differentiate you from the competition.

Help your employees work better – virtual collaboration

Today, entire businesses are successfully launched, grown and exited without the employees ever having been in the same country as each other. The technology exists to make virtual collaboration a very real possibility – one that can enhance the lives of your employees, whilst still making sure they hold up your bottom line.

Hosted Voice enables easy screen and document sharing across your entire workforce and all devices. Your employees are available all the time, from anywhere, and have simple access to the right data and documents – maximising the work that can be done and eliminating obstacles to productivity.

If you can create, share and exploit data and information faster and better than your competition, you’re sowing the seeds of communication success.

Help your business grow faster – scalability

To maximise business growth, removing bottlenecks to that growth is incredibly important. This is where hosted VoIP solutions really show their worth.

Because your communications are hosted by a provider whose infrastructure is designed to support all of its customers, hosted platforms are vastly more scalable than on-premises solutions, in terms of both capacity and time-to-implementation. Because they’re part of a bigger system, resources can be moved around to meet customer needs.

There’s literally no point in being productive if bottlenecks to growth are holding your business back. All parts of the business need to move forward as one. If your competitors slip up even once here, this is your time to steal a march on them.

Help to protect your business from downtime, maintenance expenses and interruptions - automatic failover and constant availability

A hosted VoIP provider is prepared to absorb expenses relating to system maintenance, patching and updating for all their customers without breaking a sweat. They will detect and resolve issues for you from their cloud platform. Changes made to the central network are rolled out to client networks, providing simplified network maintenance, as well as updates and upgrades. This is often an included part of the service, easing operational expenses and the risk of obsolescence.

Failover systems built in the cloud are monitored 24×7 to ensure the redirection of PSTN traffic within seconds in the event of disastrous hardware or software failure, providing you with consistent and reliable service.

With Claranet, you can connect to our data centres through our private MPLS network, guaranteeing call quality and uptime.

You will have more uptime than your competitor. And more happy customers.

Build a Hosted Voice programme suited to your business objectives

Our Hosted Voice experts can assess the needs of your business and create a tailored service suited to your exact business circumstances.

Hosted Voice


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