Point of View: Landscape for Cloud Security Services

October 20, 2020 Claranet Limited

James Hollins
Principal Cloud Consultant

With COVID-19 driving up adoption of cloud and remote working, organisations are having to focus significant efforts on securing their cloud footprint. This also means that the hyperscalers are having to align themselves with the rapid change of pace of cybersecurity across the IT industry. 

Cloud security encompasses a number of areas including controls, processes, and policy, which combined provide the protection for your cloud-based systems. 

Microsoft have been investing heavily in this area, to the tune of a billion dollars a year to provide industry leading tooling and solutions for customers. 

They have more than 90 compliance certifications including UK specific offerings, thus meeting the compliance requirements of a huge portion of our customers and removing any concerns around cloud. 

With tooling such as Azure Sentinel, Azure Policy, and Security Center,  customers have the ability to implement and enforce cloud native security governance and compliance. 

Coupled with Claranet’s expertise in this space, we are able to provide our customers with an enterprise-wide birds eye view of their cloud security stance. By using automation, “policy-as-code”, and working with our customers to understand their security and compliance requirements, we are able to ensure that their Azure environments are compliant by default. 

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