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March 19, 2015 Claranet Limited

In our (CSR) I talked about what Techgate plc were already doing to be a responsible business. Now that we have settled into the New Year, it is time for Techgate to turn our ad hoc activities into an effective CSR programme. The topic of CSR is certainly a hot one that a large number of companies are researching. However, it is still relatively new, and many people still express their doubts.

Why is CSR Important for Business?

Not only is it morally important to care about the environmental, social and economic impacts of your business, it can also increase your business’ competitive advantage. A study undertaken by Cone Communications revealed that more than 9 in 10 consumers say companies must go beyond the minimum standards required by law to work responsibly and address social and environmental matters.

Utilise the Power of Utilities

Reducing the use of resources such as paper, electricity and water does not only have a positive impact on the environment, but saves companies large amounts of money too. Cutting down utility bills and waste disposal levels is a quick and effective way for companies to improve profitability.

The Benefits are Endless

Actively taking part in a CSR programme also safeguards and raises brand awareness.

“When price and quality are about the same, 94% of consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause.”

(Cone Communications).
Not only does CSR build strong relationships with customers, it forms trust between employees and maintains the healthy relationship within the workplace. A positive work place ensures staff are better motivated to work harder and a sound reputation makes creating new business and recruiting new employees a much easier task.

A Bright Future

When a business is flourishing, it is much easier for a company to think of its future and focus their efforts on what tomorrow will bring. With this in mind, Techgate plc have started 2015 with the motivation to ensure that CSR moves from our fun ‘ad-hoc’ charity activities to a fully structured and integrated part of our business.

2015 So Far

After I attended the ‘Heart of the City’ meeting in London to discuss how to make CSR effective in business, we decided it was time to get the ball rolling within Techgate plc. Last year a survey was distributed to staff to decide the type of charity we should support and children’s charities were the most popular choice. Sticking with this theme we are currently trying to identify a local school, charity or business with which to team up and perform regular voluntary work.

We have already raised £335 at the Cloud Expo 2015 event by bringing along our teddy bears in exchange for donations. A cheque of £670 was sent off to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital as Techgate plc matches any money raised for charity.

Earlier this year, Techgate plc donated £250 to the Limehouse Laces Girl’s Football Team. They are a local team based in Tower Hamlets, who Techgate plc support each year.

Remember, whatever you do, do it together.

We are going to continue our fundraising for Great Ormond Street Hospital and other children’s charities throughout this year. We also have lots of exciting plans to get our staff involved more in our CSR programme. It is important that our staff are engaged in the programme, because they are our brand ambassadors and the people who can make the project meaningful.

What is you opinion on CSR? Is it just a PR buzz word, or do you also believe it makes a difference? Share in the comments below!

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