Two ways to separate work and home networks

March 25, 2020 Claranet Limited
By Ravi Jogia
Network Solutions Design Team
With all the family at home on their devices, network connectivity for remote workers is now a burning issue for many organisations.
The strain on consumer broadband networks within local and wider areas will also be tested over the coming weeks and months as our homes become the new workplace.
So, what can be done to address the issue? Introduce a new, dedicated network out of your home for the sole purpose of getting your work done and dealing with those bandwidth-hungry video conference calls.
4G all-in-one solution
Claranet's all-in-one connectivity solution provides you with secure and high-performing 4G connectivity that is independent from your home network. This separation ensures you are not fighting for bandwidth with the kids as they spend their day online, streaming, gaming, and downloading.
The dedicated connection for workers also takes you off the consumer broadband network that is already coming under strain. Your levels of redundancy are also increased by having a second connection at home, protecting you from downtime and slow connections so you can carry on working efficiently. 
On top of this, Claranet can integrate the service into your MPLS network, enabling home user connectivity to be quickly and easily incorporated into corporate networks that have increased security control. In other words: assurance for IT departments that they can maintain and control the integrity of their network data.
This all-in-one network solution comes with:
Business-grade 4G connectivity 
A Draytek 4G router with Wi-Fi 
A range of network tariffs to suit your needs 
Secure MPLS and Direct Internet Access options 
SIM Only
Of course, not all homeworkers have access to corporate laptop solutions, and some users may be strictly bound to tablets or mobile devices. As an alternative to the all-in-one network solution, we can also offer business-grade 4G SIM-only connectivity. This service also de-couples your workforce from their home connectivity solution and integrates the connectivity directly to the user's devices or even your own 4G router.
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