Point of view: Why Everything as Code is the new horizon

August 24, 2020 Claranet Limited

Migrating to cloud is about changing your operating models and processes as much as it is your infrastructure. 

Enterprises used to be able to manually maintain physical servers in a single (albeit large) data centre, with configurations that were similar and rarely changed. But many are now trying to tackle ever-increasing infrastructure complexity, and automation is key to managing it. 

We live in a time where a single organisation will have virtual machines, Platform as a Service, containers, and serverless infrastructure scattered across the globe. And we need this to stay competitive in the market. We can’t manually provision, update, monitor, and decommission everything, and so we need to look at all these components and processes as code. 

At Claranet, we believe that effective cloud management is highly automated. We’ve been advocates of Infrastructure as Code since the idea was first born, and by automating monitoring and performance as standard practice, our engineers are available to focus on proactive support and infrastructure improvements. 

Everything as Code takes the next step and looks at automation of…everything. It changes the focus from manual, repetitive tasks to workflows based on end goals and desired states. We’ll keep pushing the envelope to drive efficiencies for our customers, but we won’t stop reminding everyone that it’s also a culture change that needs to be addressed right at the start of the journey to see real success. 

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