10 Reasons why every business needs SentinelOne security

November 26, 2021 Claranet Limited

10 reasons why every business needs SentinelOne security

Cyber threats have always been a top concern for businesses of all industries and sizes. But, in today's tumultuous times, the cyber threat landscape's changing.

With more and more organisations working from home (often with little fore-planing), the number and severity of cyberattacks are increasing. According to the 2021 government cybersecurity breaches survey:

  • Four in ten businesses faced cyberattacks or breaches in the past 12 months.

  • One in five of these businesses lost money, data or other assets because of these attacks.

  • One-third of the companies - regardless of whether they lost assets or not - were negatively impacted.

It's high time businesses roll up their sleeves and tackle these issues head-on.

Of course, it's much easier to stop threats with best-in-class security software.

We believe SentinelOne is the most significant offering on the market today. To put it simply, this extended detection and response (XDR) platform provides autonomous, automated detection, and remediation across your business's endpoints.

Here are ten reasons why you should adopt the tool.

1. True, 100 percent visibility

Visibility is critical when securing your endpoints. While other vendors may detect a large majority of cyber threats, there's still the risk of threats falling through the cracks.

This is not the case with SentinelOne.

The software is the only vendor to offer 100 percent visibility across Microsoft and Linux environments with no missed or delayed detections.

2. Driven by AI

'SentinelOne provides an amazing set of features that autonomously and completely handles all malware and ransomware in verification tests for adoption review.' - Samsung SDS official.

Using a powerful AI machine learning model, the security platform monitors malicious activity across every endpoint. It logs detected red flags in each endpoint before reporting the anomalies and blocking the malware and/or cyberattack.

3. Real-time detection and protection

The average time of cyber threat intrusion to detection is 11 days. Imagine the damage hackers could inflict upon your business in that period.

Fortunately, with SentinelOne, detection of intrusion and containment is done automatically and in real-time. This reduces the need for manual investigation and analysis and ensures you don't miss any incoming threat.

4. Fast automated remediation

Wouldn't it be nice if you could fix all your problems with a click?

With SentinelOne, it really is as simple as that. With one click, you can reverse any unauthorised changes or threats on one, several, or all devices. All without the need for lengthy manual intervention or scripting.

Ultimately, this means you can reduce remediation time and limit the chance of malicious activity turning into a more sinister problem.

5. Simple, integrated end-to-end security

Oftentimes, businesses suffer from poorly integrated infrastructures. But without a joined-up view of your environment, you'll struggle to keep an eye on threats.

Using ActiveEDR, SentinelOne brings together your disjointed assets. This provides you with an integrated overview of your endpoints, cloud environments and IoT devices within one platform.

Better still, the solution is easy to deploy as it's compatible with many cloud environments. You can guarantee complete enterprise protection within seconds and scale your efforts as you go.

6. Rapid rollback

Forty-eight percent of UK businesses were hit with a ransomware attack in 2020. Of these organisations, 13 percent ended up paying the ransom.

Needless to say, these attacks can do far more damage than a dent in your bank account. Without the right tools in place, you could also face downtime and customer dissatisfaction.

With SentinelOne's Rollback, however, you can automatically roll back your infrastructure to its pre-infected state instantly. This allows you to maintain uptime and productivity, all without paying a ransom.

7. Real-time, actionable analysis

When it comes to analysing malicious activity across your infrastructure, do you often feel out of the loop?

This lack of visibility can, understandably, make many IT teams feel uneasy.
SentinelOne Storyline collates malicious event data - over a span of days to years - and displays it in a visual way to help you paper over the cracks.

8. Proven cost savings

While reducing costs should never be the most significant motivating factor for choosing any EDR software, we realise it's an important consideration.

So, you'll be pleased to hear that adopting SentinelOne is good for your wallet, too.
The software can offer:

  • Financial gains through consolidation. You needn't spend more money on additional cybersecurity tools when this platform covers all bases.

  • An increase in ROI. Typically, SentinelOne users witness an average of 353 percent ROI in three years.

  • Remediation savings. With one-click remediation (and the elimination of coding), you can fix cyberattacks issues fast, in turn saving you money.

9. Trusted by peers

When picking a security platform, don't assume what's on the tin is what you'll get. Customer reviews are everything.

With a review score of 4.9/5, SentinelOne is certainly popular with businesses both big and small. Users range from technology powerhouses like Samsung to popular restaurant chains such as TGI Fridays.

10. A Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader

Finally, if you needed one last reason why SentinelOne is the right fit for your business, this is it.

Gartner recognised the platform as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2021, after it was assessed across a wide range of criteria. This industry standard is one of the biggest markers of trust you can get in the cybersecurity space.

Why use anything but the best?

With astounding reviews across the board, we think it's fair to say SentinelOne is an impressive EPP and EDR platform.

And, really, how can you go wrong with a tool that detects every single cyber threat?

That said, we do understand that not every business has the resources necessary to deploy and monitor tools such as SentinelOne. That's where the Claranet team comes in.

With over 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity space, we have the expertise necessary to roll out SentinelOne and keep your business secure. If you'd like to learn more, read our EDR service page.


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