Demystifying EDR | A deep dive into Endpoint Protection systems and their key capabilities

May 25, 2022 Paul Jack

Presenter: Paul Jack, Cyber Security Lead Engineer | Claranet Cyber Security

Paul Jack discovers how the Endpoint protection market has evolved and which key product capabilities you can implement to protect on-prem/cloud/containers and remote worker environments against the latest malware.

This webinar looks at how previously effective defensive techniques are circumvented by today's advanced malware.

Plus, why visibility and context play a key role in keeping your environment safe. Areas covered:

Live ransomware attack demo: We will show you how it's possible to recover from a ransomware attack in minutes, not days.

  • Insights into how malware threats and countermeasures have evolved.

  • Discussion around the techniques utilised during high profile security breaches.

  • A look at how Endpoint solutions have evolved and which core capabilities are now essential to protect your infrastructure.

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