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Business Benefits make the case for Infrastructure as a Service Why business leaders must take accountability for their IT infrastructure. L E A R N M O R E AT Union managed Azure infrastructure Union provides managed Azure infrastructure with the performance, availability, security and recoverability you demand. Performance As experts in Azure architecture, we'll optimise your workloads ensuring the precise allocation of resources. We'll constantly monitor and measure performance to your defined standards. Availability We manage the entire infrastructure stack including the operating system, delivering 24x7x365 operational management and monitoring all through a smart and simple dashboard. Gain guaranteed SLA's for your business uptime. Security All data lives within your own dedicated Azure tenant, therefore it's always your data, under your ownership and control. We take care of malware, antivirus, intrusion prevention and detection. Maintaining all critical patching with external security validation, reporting, monitoring and alerting. Recoverability Designed to fully and seamlessly integrate into our managed Azure data protection and platform recovery services. We guarantee data recovery in minutes and Disaster Recovery within 60 minutes should the unthinkable happen. Cost is one of the biggest motivators for businesses to evaluate their IT infrastructure. So, if the cost savings are that significant, why is the decision made by the IT team? IaaS has enabled business units, teams and individuals to make IT buying decisions outside the control of the IT department, supporting fast paced businesses who have little appetite to wait for IT to catch up. However, this introduces new business risks. Business leaders need to be clearly informed about the benefits of IaaS so that they can make better decisions when selecting a provider. Business agility: Business leaders take heed! Just because your business is growing, doesn't mean your IT infrastructure can keep up. Can you react to sudden demands if your website traffic increases or you need more data processing power? You need the proof that your IaaS can scale to match demand. Understand what you need and then consume that from a managed service provider. You focus on growing your business, let a service provider take care of the IT Infrastructure. Cost reduction: Do you really need to employ IT staff just to keep the lights flashing? Why would you not move from a cash model of procuring IT kit to a predictable monthly OPEX model? These cost considerations sit with business leaders. Work with a managed provider and have conversations about business outcomes. Local presence: Does your data stay in the UK? Are you sure? With new EU GDPR data requirements alongside industry regulations, the business needs to consider exactly where data is stored. Recoverability: Every enterprise has some form of disaster recovery plan, but the technology behind it is usually expensive and the process, rarely tested. Managed IaaS provides a consolidated disaster recovery infrastructure, reducing costs and increasing manageability. Literally you can pay for protection at the touch of a button. Growth: Time, money and energy spent making technology decisions and hiring staff to manage and maintain the technology infrastructure is the time which is not spent on business growth. If infrastructure is moved to a service based model, organisations can focus their time and resources where they belong, on developing innovations in applications and solutions.

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