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6 Improving Data Management for Infrastructure Transformation White Paper co-sponsored by 6 Contact The Old Stable Beaufort Road Reigate Surrey RH2 9DJ Telephone. 08445 61 1 678 Data Management – Get it Under Control If businesses want to optimise their infrastructures in a way that reduces cost, maximises services levels, and mitigates risk, then they must get control of their data. Not all data is the same and should not be serviced with the same data infrastructure services. Understanding the unique profile of data means cost, service, and risk can be aligned. Budgets are optimised, IT service demands of the business are met or exceeded, and compliance is achieved. It starts with understanding what use cases for data exist within the organisation. This includes: • Who uses the data? • How that data is used? • What type of data it is? • What the data contains? • What value does it have to the business? • What compliance demands exist for the business within the context of that unique data? Once that is understood then policies and processes can be aligned and from that the most appropriate and cost effective technology deployed. Whether the business has a cloud first policy or not, it will never get there without understanding data profiles. Because without that understanding, appropriate data storage and data protection services and suitable cost profiles cannot be aligned. Organisations cannot embark upon any significant infrastructure transformation exercise or any compliance project without getting data management under control. This is particularly important today when many organisations are moving to hybrid cloud models and preparing for GDPR. Making Sense of Data Everyone has the same challenge of understanding their data and complying with regulations – particularly with unstructured data. To make sense of unstructured data, working with an expert in data services can help. Experts can help organisations gain value from stored data, satisfy regulations, ensure it is operationally useful to the user base, accessible and how to apply policy. Union Solutions takes the time to discover what data exists, how it is used, where it is stored. Union aligns data services with business need to ensure all infrastructure transformation reduces cost, mitigates risk, and improves service to the business, always seeking to apply the most appropriate cloud enabled model. A Dell EMC partner, Union Solutions works with this leading storage company and its range of technologies and services to support any use case and storage delivery mechanism. Working with Union Solutions' team of data services experts and making use of Dell EMC technology, organisations can be assured of a comprehensive, cost-effective and purpose-built solution – private, public, hybrid, on premises, off premises, OPEX, CAPEX, managed, or otherwise – whatever best suits. Learn more at

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