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Real Cost of Storage White Paper 10 Establish data sovereignty, security and compliance requirements. These requirements will have significant bearing on the locations and the 'air gap' demands an organisation is willing to entertain. Think objectively about the useful life of the service and whether to build or buy. Many service providers will model services against a typical three year depreciation term because this is favourable to their service offer. However, ask the question "do I typically sweat my assets longer?" Most of the organisations Union helps have in reality extended the useful life of their IT assets beyond the originally applied deprecation term, and incur only the support and maintenance costs in years four and five on technology with no book value. If this is the case for you then ask any cloud or managed service provider to provide a four or five year modelling. You might be in for a fright. Review the copy data process. Adopt intelligent de-duplication platforms for both primary and backup solutions and educate database administrators to the burden of their copy data dump processes. Encourage a conversation between DBAs and IT Operations to greatly improve the TCO per GB of storage. Conclusion Regardless of what data storage services an organisation is building, the technology is the same. Organisations must focus on the service, not the storage itself. Without defining the service required for the use case, an organisation will never have a means of comparing like-for-like or delivering data storage services that are fit for purpose. £1M of on-premises block services or 2p per GB object services in the cloud are not the same. Neither can do the other's job. Both or neither might be the best solution. You need to be sure before you present any conclusions. Union Solutions: Data Service Specialists Union Solutions has 20 years' experience of designing, building, and delivering data services. Using a simple methodology called Competitive Edge, Union Solutions helps organisations discover who uses what, how, and why and from that build a data services catalogue that bridges the gap between an organisation's current state and its desired state. The process offers a blueprint for policy, process, and architecture, and a fully costed and justified business case for change. This process ensures an organisation delivers data services that are fit for purpose, future proofed, and costed for best value. Real Cost of Storage White Paper Contact 68 Lombard Street London EC3V 9LJ Telephone. 08445 611 678 10 4 5 6

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