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11 co-sponsored by 11 Opportunities from Unstructured Data Transformation White Paper 2001:0DB8:AC10:FE01 Workshop Opportunities await those organisations that are able to transform their unstructured data. Union's Enterprise Consultants can run a workshop with you so that we can understand your current state, define your desired state and identify the steps required to get there. OPPORTUNITY • What are the opportunities? • Significant cost reduction. • Improved productivity. • Compliance and governance achieved. • Improved service. • Cloud first strategy fulfilled. STAKEHOLDERS • IT infrastructure and operations leads. • Collaboration team. • Data Protection Officer. SCOPE • Identify the consumers of data. • Understand the governance rules that apply to these consumers of data. • Know how data is presented to the consumers. • Know what infrastructure is being used to support this presentation. • Understand the Policy Engines or Data movers in deployment and what Policies have been applied. • Identify the best infrastructure to use to support storage requirements - public/ private/hybrid. PROJECTS • What projects are already in progress? • What's on the roadmap. • Impact analysis. DELIVERABLE • Synopsis of the current state of unstructured data services. • Summary of the desired state. • Definition of the priorities and opportunities. Let Union Solutions run a free, two hour workshop that will help you create a plan to address all these issues whilst gaining the massive benefits that come with utilising the cloud. Union's Unstructured Data Transformation Workshop will assess your environment and identify how and where Dell EMC technology in partnership with Union can enable you to achieve your business goals. Technology Presentation Content Services Architecture NAS Appliance CIFS / SMB Share NFS Export S3 (HTTP) File Server Object Store Policy Engine / Data Mover Metadata andContent Search Array Hybrid Public Private Backup and DR Archive Oce 365 - OneDrive, SharePoint, Email SMB S3 NFS

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