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Funky Pigeon soars to new heights with Claranet’s AWS and DevOps optimisation

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The challenge The company always faces seasonal spikes in website traffic and needed to ensure its online platform was stable and fully functional during busy periods. This was especially true at Christmas where workloads could increase by 5x to respond to customer demand and fluctuations in data traffic were creating network instability and having a negative effect on the customer experience. To cope with these unpredictable spikes in and data traffic, Funky Pigeon migrated their infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosted ecosystem. Although this offered the scalability and flexibility to cope with increased demand, the system was not properly configured for advanced data analysis and needed to be optimised to enable more accurate and efficient data gathering from a single source of truth. Funky Pigeon Funky Pigeon is a fast-growing UK-based online retailer of greetings cards, calendars, stationary and gifts, many of which can be personalised with an easy to use online editor. Funky Pigeon specialise in helping create a memorable keepsake, present or card for any occasion. The company was acquired by WH Smith in 2010 and now has four million active customers. Funky Pigeon soars to new heights with Claranet's AWS and DevOps optimisation Claranet case study Funky Pigeon Our customers expected a digital service with a great customer experience, that was fast and reliable even during peak usage times. To make this happen and grow the business we needed to optimise the online service, as I wanted my talented developers working on new ideas, not worrying about whether the infrastructure would run properly." Brett King - Head of Service Delivery Funky Pigeon " Another objective was to reduce running costs 10 per cent year-over-year (YoY) without impacting its business performance. Existing procedures meant that each time application code needed to be updated, workers had to remotely log in and install everything by hand. This was a time- consuming process with high potential for human error and meant staff could not focus on innovating their own services, which was restricting further commercial growth. Overall, the main goal was to grow 20 per cent YoY with a focus on innovation rather than maintenance.

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