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Whilst Penetration Testing is a proven method to discover vulnerabilities within an organisation's external systems, regardless of how thorough a penetration testing engagement may be, it is limited to a snapshot in time. A system that may be considered secure today may be found to be vulnerable to a critical security issue tomorrow. Continuous Security Testing is designed to run alongside an existing penetration testing program to ensure security vulnerabilities don't go unchecked between engagements. Continuous Security Testing combines manual penetration testing activities, delivered by qualified penetration testers on an ongoing basis, with additional automated security testing. This ensures that online assets are continuously assessed for vulnerabilities and alerts raised when issues are detected. Many companies perform in-house vulnerability scanning, however automated solutions have two key challenges to ensuring a successful scanning program: interpreting the results and ensuring scan quality. Continuous Security Testing addresses these challenges by employing a team of Penetration Testers to manage the testing process and analyse vulnerabilities as they are found. The team provides concise and detailed vulnerability alerts along with regular reporting of your security posture. Continuous Security Testing will also alert you when changes are detected within the environment to ensure maximum coverage of the attack surface. Claranet Cyber Security Sec-1 Continuous Security Testing

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