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Claranet research report 2018 5 In Beyond Digital Transformation, we report on the decision-making that is taking place today across Europe. To gather the evidence, we surveyed 750 IT and Digital leaders, plus their C-suite colleagues, about their main priorities, challenges, and future plans. Take a look to see how teams in the Benelux, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and the UK compare. Priorities this year include IT security, cost control, application performance, and the agility to react to changing customer demand. Delivering service availability, customer experience, and aligning teams across the business are just three areas where decision-makers appear to be facing the biggest challenges. With some final commentary around how leading companies are re-organising their IT and working with third party service providers, one question prevails: with every business now a technology business, according to Forbes, where are the best places to put your applications and data to meet the needs of customers? A final thought In most walks of life, "Heritage" and "Legacy" are welcome attributes. But in IT, the speed at which the digital landscape is evolving is forcing business leaders to refocus minds on new threats and new opportunities. We hope our Beyond Digital Transformation report will help the future planning for your business. Best wishes Charles Nasser Founder and CEO, Claranet Introduction The new imperative for business Digital disruption Blockbuster's view was that consumers preferred to drive down to their local store than wait for their films to arrive a few days later. But then Netflix developed a platform offering an all-you-can-watch, on-demand approach to "streaming" entertainment. The rest is history. The repercussions of this kind of disruption cannot be underestimated. For nearly every industry the impact of new digital technology is fundamental, even existential, stirring up business-critical agendas for the boardroom and their IT departments. Around the world today, businesses are learning to serve a new breed of customer – both young and old – who expect reliable 24/7 access to seamless, multi-channel experiences. They are highly attuned to how well you perform and will deliver immediate feedback through social media. They also expect you to know their personal preferences, giving rise to the need for a new generation of data management and analytics. Interactions with customers and partners lead to greater volumes of valuable data, combined with tightening data protection regulation. Rapidly intensifying cyber-crime also makes for a very challenging environment for businesses. Like Netflix, digital disruption may be great news if you are a new company starting up. Unshackled from existing systems, you can launch your business to the world and rent services to spin up or down without the hassle of traditional IT platforms. But for established businesses with older systems, the plotline isn't so simple and overnight digital transformation – as the phrase goes – is simply not an option. For both groups, the challenge is how to manage all of this. The IT landscape is more complex, with more options to choose from and more decisions to make. Effective IT and Digital leadership is more important today than it has ever been. When Netflix launched its DVD-by-mail business in 1997, Blockbuster ignored the new kid on their block. "The impact of new digital technology is fundamental, even existential." 5

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