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The SD-WAN cheat sheet Everyone is talking about SD-WAN, and it can be difficult to separate the real benefits from the exaggerated claims. We wanted to share some of the common misconceptions with you, and take a serious look at how to make the most of SD-WAN. 3 - SD-WAN is more cost-effective than MPLS This depends on the solution. Global SD-WAN network solutions can be more cost effective than an international MPLS network, but this isn't always the case for UK based connectivity. The answer is often a hybrid network combining both MPLS and SD-WAN. Due to the falling cost of MPLS in the UK and the fact that you don't need multiple devices at each location, MPLS can be more cost effective than SD-WAN. Retailers with lots of sites using broadband will find a single broadband router more economical than a complex SD-WAN device. 2 - SD-WAN is the best option for quickly getting connectivity through mobile broadband SD-WAN can be connected to mobile broadband to create a network, but this usually involves connecting two or three separate services together. Claranet's MPLS mobile broadband solution is a single service with a single provider. We deliver a pre-configured mobile broadband device that just needs to be turned on to give a site immediate connectivity into the corporate MPLS network. No VPNs to configure or policies to apply. Simple. 1 - SD-WAN can be provisioned faster than MPLS If there is existing network connectivity to the site, SD-WAN can be enabled quickly. If you have a brand new site with no existing network, there may be no difference in lead time between MPLS and SD-WAN. The lead time is based on installing the new connectivity, which is something both options will need. 3 top misconceptions

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