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Claranet Cyber Security – Quick read checklist for Secure Remote Working Use a VPN VPNs protect your online privacy and ensure that your corporate communications are secure. They prevent attackers from reading your traffic by encrypting the data. Keep your systems patched This is critical. Patching must be maintained to reduce the risk of malware exploiting a vulnerability that could have devastating effects across your organisation. Always use back-ups What would happen if you lost your data? The cause can be varied, from hardware failure to applications crashing or device theft. Users of Office 365 or other cloud-based productivity applications should always create in the cloud. Back up is then automatically in the cloud and disaster recovery built in. If you are a OneDrive or GoogleDrive user, save your document to your local folder to make sure its saved in the cloud too (you need to be connected to the internet for this to work). Vigilance for phishing emails and malicious websites Attackers will use phishing emails, texts, voicemails, and any other method they can to trick you. It's important that users pay attention to any communications. Here are some simple tactics: Check the sender's address Hover over a link to see a URL If it looks suspicious, it probably is If in doubt, navigate to the website manually by using your own bookmark or typing the address to login, instead of using the link within the email DO NOT CLICK on attachments from people you don't trust A good tip is to use an alternative communication method to talk with the sender. Search for a phone number, email address, or online chat outside of the suspicious email Be a Wi-Fi expert Most home users haven't changed the password on their Wi-Fi router and don't know how to update them to the latest firmware. To address this, enable WPA2/3 as standard and check your admin passwords and auto-update settings. Choose a long password over 15 characters, and make a note of it within your password manager

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