Business as unusual | Is there now a better way?

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Secure and dynamic networks and communications 25 Conclusion These are massively disruptive times, and businesses need to react, review, prepare, and augment their technology to successfully navigate their way out of the storm. Companies that put in the time, learn what they need to, and push themselves to transform can navigate the disruption better. Reliable and flexible services provided by trusted and experienced partners and integrators will be the foundation of successful businesses. Consider your people first, and how to prepare them to be happy and comfortable in working in new ways. They are, after all, the skilled and trained driver behind the wheel of the tools you give them. Technology and Business strategies are converging, as technology shifts from its traditional role of supporting the business to enabling and promoting it, driving new initiatives, and accelerating go-to-market strategies. Leadership needs to view the challenges through a unified lens. Find a business technology partner in change, with credible experience and expertise, that can work with your leadership across the business both strategically and tactically. These technology partners in change should share the value placed upon a people-first strategy. They should be customer-centric, operate consultatively, and look to provide business outcomes, but always with the people in mind. There should be a quality- driven curiosity in answering the question of whether there is now a "better way", and a respectful comprehension and acceptance of the complexity this simple query belies. They should also offer ways to allow you to prove concepts, give you the right visibility of your business, and introduce solution health ideas to keep your finger on the pulse of your company. Make technology work for the business. Companies should also not be thinking about IT in isolation; the shift to home working, the necessary social and collaborative tools required to keep the business happy and productive, and the integration required with legacy or existing technologies require all leaders to lend their consideration and requirements for the now, and for where they want to be. Is there now a better way? We believe the answer is yes. References https://www.bcg.com/en-us/publications/2020/valuable-productivity-gains-covid-19 https://www.projectsmart.co.uk/most-it-projects-fail-will-yours.php https://www.theamericanconsumer.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/FINAL-Wi-Fi-Router-Vulnerabilities.pdf

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