Microsoft: Breakthrough teamwork tools – 4 tips to identify what works for you

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3 Breakthrough teamwork tools the same engaging, real-time experiences at work. Other generations favor the traditional voice, email, and document- based apps. All tools need to interoperate seamlessly because everyone expects the fluid digital experiences they're used to from their day-to-day lives as consumers. But extending modern collaboration to meet these many requirements only succeeds if your platform can successfully unify people into high-performing teams, regardless of their needs and preferences. Right now that's a problem, as 75 percent of American workers say their employers don't give them access to the latest technology to do their job efficiently.¹ So, what is the right technology solution for modern collaboration and teamwork? It must be flexible enough to meet all your teams' communication needs, become a single hub for teamwork, be customizable, and stay secure. Microsoft Teams—the hub of teamwork within Office 365— can help your employees work together seamlessly. Teams is built for teamwork, and for fostering a new level of creativity and collaboration within your business. Such a hub is possible. With scalability, app integration capabilities, ease of use, and automation at the forefront of the tools you use, you can create higher-performing teams that collaborate more effectively with their colleagues every day. Here's what your teamwork tools should empower you to do. Jason Warnke, Managing Director, Internal IT, Accenture The thing that's challenging is to make sure that there's a platform for collaboration. Teams are very liquid; we need to keep up with the way our people like to work." 1 Gartner - Anticipate and Exploit the Top 12 Future Work Trends.

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