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Claranet | Arup Luminaire Broker Case Study

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Claranet case study Arup The challenge The lighting team at Arup is responsible for all elements of lighting design on Arup projects - a large part of which is specifying the fittings for buildings. This used to be a manual and time-consuming process, which in large part relied on an individual's knowledge of what light fittings were available on the market. Though the process worked, sticking with a few trusted products meant that the team wasn't testing the market's potential, or demonstrating proper due diligence to clients. Jeff Shaw, Associate Director, Lighting for Arup, explains: Arup Arup is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants, and technical specialists, working across every aspect of today's built environment. The company employs more than 15,000 people in 89 offices across 33 countries. Recent projects include the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, the Port of Melbourne Webb Dock Redevelopment, and Mactan-Cebu Airport in The Philippines. Arup launches industry-leading Luminaire Broker app with the help of Claranet Jeff Shaw Associate Director at Arup We wanted a provider who could help us make sure that the launch and scaling of the app went well..." "Because we weren't routinely going out and looking at all the relevant products available for a project, we suspected that we were missing opportunities - not just to reduce costs, but to find more energy efficient products, or to explore cutting-edge smart lighting solutions. It was just too time-consuming to do - which was where we saw the opportunity." This challenge led to the inception of Luminaire Broker - an app that allows lighting specifiers to create searches for light fittings that match their specification via an online platform. Manufacturers can respond to these searches through the app with products from their catalogues that meet the required search parameters, thus increasing their visibility with Arup lighting specifiers. Once the specifiers have identified a product they want to use, the app supports them to communicate with the manufacturer, and draw up all the relevant specification paperwork for issue the general contractor when construction starts. The Arup team began building Luminaire Broker in-house, but as they looked to roll it out across the company, they decided to seek third-party support. "The app was working well in our test groups," Jeff says, "but we knew that as we scaled, the risk of errors and issues would increase. We decided that an external pair of eyes on the project was the most sensible course of action to keep providing the best experience for users."

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