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There is another solution…. Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) can be used as a steppingstone, enabling you to move out of your on-premises datacentre quickly and easily, giving you time to work out the next steps on your cloud journey. of enterprises will shut down their traditional datacentres, with 80% of organizations already having done so 1 . 10% Gartner predicts that by 2025 The ever-evolving datacentre: Compelling events driving rapid change. 52-week 6 Lead time for many other datacentre components 2023 5 A global semiconductor shortage that could stretch to 50-week+ Lead times for switch-silicon 70-80% increase 7 Above the average datacentre supply order backlog But what are the events driving today's rapidly changing datacentre landscape? 87% of organisations Agree material shortages have delayed datacentre construction 8 Cut costs • Save on upfront costs for assets and dependence on ageing hardware • Pay for what you need - as you need it • Avoid overprovisioning resources for peak usage • Eliminate training and recruitment costs by re-using VMWare skills In addition, the datacentre industry is struggling with supply chain issues. Semiconductors are becoming increasingly hard to come by with experts warning of…. As a result…. Sustainability drivers are also driving organisations to consider their datacentre supply chain: Report commercial benefits after going green 9 75% of all UK organisations Use climate change markers to evaluate non-financial performance 12 98% of investors Consider becoming a sustainable company necessary to stay competitive 10 62% of executives Choose organisations because they are sustainable 11 75% of customers Employee turnover rate possible with a strong CSR policy 13 50% reduced Moving to the cloud solves many of these challenges. But for those not quite ready to transition, what's the alternative? • A costly hardware refresh? • A further 3-5 year contract commitment? VMware Premier Service Provider Partner We offer pure play AVS expertise and a fast, effective, convenient path to migration: no matter where you are on your Azure journey. Claranet's team of VMware and Azure experts can meet your unique business goals. As a… Microsoft Azure MSP and Gold Partner And Find out more. 1. Gartner 2. Altus Group 3. Computer Weekly 4. Dummies 5. Data Center Dynamics 6. Data Center Knowledge 7. Data Center Dynamics 8. Turner and Townsend 9. Renewable Energy Hub 10. IMD 11. Business Leader 12. Microsoft: Sustainability. Good for Business. Executive Playbook 13. Good360 "Thanks to Claranet's expert technical capability, we were able to move 1,100 virtual servers out of our two on-premises datacentres in the UK and Germany in less than 3 months. This resulted in dual running cost avoidance of approximately £500,000, and reduced disaster recovery times from seven days to approximately 4 hours across 'production' workloads." UK directors will reduce long-term use of office space due to hybrid working 2 Office space reduction 50% Environmental impact of UK generation could be devoured by datacentre power consumption in the next few years 3 20% $ $10 million to $25 million Average cost per year to operate a large datacentre 4 Soaring costs Drive sustainability • Better support the hybrid workforce and drive employee appeal • Become Net Zero once all workloads are migrated • Demonstrate to customers your ethical approach to sustainability Reduce migration complexity • Migrate existing assets as-is with no need to re-architecture • Use apps in exactly the same way with the same VMWare tools • Leverage your VMware investments in the cloud • Zero changes to your people, operations, processes, or technology Ensure business continuity • Get a fully consistent, on-demand disaster recovery site for on-premises datacentre • Deploy on Azure with primary or secondary on-demand recovery site • Access Azure's built-in security across all layers of your architecture • Easily turn on through every stage of the development lifecycle Modernise at your own pace • Seamlessly modernise applications running on VMware over time • Move fast with time to work out the next steps on your cloud journey • Modernise at the pace that's right for your business • Lay the foundation for developers to build new cloud-based applications Innovate at speed • Test new apps at speed • Put ideas into action at serious pace • Achieve scale, automation, and fast provisioning • Modernise your business to keep pace with change Move fast with expert support from Claranet that enables you to… • Reduce risk with proven replication features • Migrate quickly with virtually zero downtime • Remain in full control every step of the way • Reduce recovery time from weeks to minutes Get in touch with us today

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