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Why should you become an insight-driven retailer? Find out more. 1. Big Commerce 2. Raydiant 3. McKinsey 4. McKinsey 5. Business Wire 6. Retail Dive 7. Accenture 8. Forbes 9. Epsilon 10. Smarter HQ 11. Think with Google 12. Retention Science 13. Medium How and where consumers shop continues to shift… of consumers have left a store without purchasing due to out-of-stock items vi 39% of Gen X shoppers reported doing the same v 53% of millennials have left a bricks and mortar store without purchasing an item and bought it online instead 75% claiming product availability was the reason for doing so iv 48% of consumers have tried new brands, places to shop and shopping methods iii 75% And loyalty is harder to hang on to… Since 2020 of global retail sales will be made via eCommerce i . 22% of consumers still prefer shopping in person ii . 46% By 2023 Yet Today, more than ever before, shoppers have more choices, more information and expect more from retailers… Begin your data transformation today Data transformation enables them to… Helping them to deliver… Security Agility Stability of consumers say they're more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations relevant to them vii 91% say they're willing to pay more money for a better customer experience viii 86% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalised experiences ix 80% With superior levels of of consumers check Amazon if the brand they're shopping with doesn't provide product suggestions that are relevant x 47% but So, how do retailers unlock this level of competitive advantage? By doing more with data. Work faster, smarter and more securely Provide an end-to-end experience, (in-store and online) with a richer supply of insight for every customer. Whether online or in-person, retailers must delight customers with a seamless experience across all touchpoints… …offering them what they want, when and where they want it. Gain complete visibility over their infrastructure, supply chain and customer experiences. Seamless and more personalised shopping experiences broader availability and access to products Consistency across touchpoints What happened? • Past customer behaviours • Profitability of products/ services • Business performance • Savings from business tools or processes What could happen? • Predict future trends • Personalised customer interactions to drive desired outcomes • Predict product demand What should we do? • Scenario modelling using data insights • Make data-driven business decisions We can help you respond to the latest trends and meet the needs of customers by enabling your organisation to answer three key questions… Whether your priority is to: Drive a bigger share of wallet Innovate with AI Offer an outstanding omni-channel customer service Powerful BI tools Automation Algorithms Chatbots can accelerate your cloud journey and deliver a modern, hybrid workplace experience with Whether you have started your journey or it's an entirely new adventure, the Claranet team is here to accelerate your data transformation. Start using data to inform your retail strategy Not least because… Consumers that shop across multiple channels have a 30% higher lifetime value xi . Just ask Amazon Which uses recommendations to drive 55% of its sales xiii . Product recommendations have been shown to Increase revenue by up to 300% Improve conversions by 150% Boost average order value by 50% xii . Get in touch with us today

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