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Clickedu signs up for Amazon Web Services with Claranet

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The challenge After an initial period working with a traditional hosting provider, Clickedu contracted Claranet in 2011 to design and manage a cloud platform for them. Claranet built a managed cloud hosting solution, based on their application's specific requirements, and delivered, across different environments, everything from the ERP to web and email services. The solution successfully scaled in line with the growth of the application until, at the beginning of 2015, a new requirement emerged as Clickedu was picked up by a large number of educational institutions in Latin America. Considering the rise in traffic that was predicted, as well as the geographic diversity of users who would be accessing the application, Clickedu and Claranet decided to migrate the platform to an infrastructure platform with global reach: Amazon Web Services. The objectives of the migration were the following: 1. Create an elastic platform that scales automatically according to levels of concurrent users and resource consumption. 2. Use version repositories to facilitate deployments and updates without affecting users. 3. Guarantee maximum security and longevity for user data by archiving versions in S3 and using high-availability databases. 4. Monitor the application to verify that it is functioning correctly and to predict what changes will be necessary. 5. Use technologies such as Lambda to execute code in the cloud, lowering costs and improving performance. Clickedu Clickedu is a cloud-based platform that facilitates the management of all aspects of educational institutions. Founded in 2005, it has been evolving constantly since then and now includes tools for academic, administrative and economic management, digital content and a secure environment for communicating with families. Teachers, students, parents, management and personnel can access the platform from their computers as well as their mobile devices and follow all aspects of day- to-day life at their school. Clickedu has consolidated itself at national level and currently provides services for over 400 educational centres in Spain, Andorra, Chile and Columbia, and is expanding rapidly internationally. Claranet case study Clickedu Clickedu signs up for Amazon Web Services with Claranet

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