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Clickedu signs up for Amazon Web Services with Claranet

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The solution After studying the application in detail, evolving the source code and performing a test-of-concept on how it would function on AWS, Claranet proposed a cloud solution composed of the following elements: 1. Deployment on a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with high availability and replication across different AWS data centres. 2. Autoscaling for the application and version deployment without any impact on the users. 3. High-availability data centres that can be recovered with rollback and that can be scaled vertically without interrupting the service. 4. Central consolidation of the application and service logs for the analysis of the registry files. 5. Use of technologies such as Docker and Lambda to optimize costs as well as improve parallelization and performance. 6. Integrated development through orchestration systems that allow for guaranteed replication of the solution in record time. The benefits The cloud solution designed by Claranet provides Clickedu with the highest levels of availability, security and flexibility, and enables them to offer an optimal service in any new geographic location and to any number of users, which is a crucial accompaniment to the international expansion of the application. Betting confidently on innovation, and how that effects the whole process, Clickedu have been able to construct an elaborate and efficient project that measures up to the real needs of the application. Equally, their team is much more agile when testing and deploying versions of their code – which they can now accomplish without interrupting the service – and has access to new work tools for everything from recovering files to testing and analysis. In addition, the joint work carried out by both teams and the constant improvement of the solution together guarantee the evolution of the application and the platform, in terms of size as well as complexity. In this way, they are always making the most of the advantages of working with an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Thanks to Claranet's managed solution, Clickedu has succeeded in harnessing the benefits of a global cloud infrastructure like Amazon Web Services, and maintaining a single, local, technical point of contact that knows their application, their team and their business model. Clickedu signs up for Amazon Web Services with Claranet The change of platform lets us grow freely anywhere in the world, with all the advantages of Amazon Web Services and maximum security. Seeing how the servers scale up in real time according to how many users are on Clickedu is magical, almost impossible to believe." Ignasi Nogués Managing Director at Clickedu " For more information about Claranet's services, and the benefits these deliver, go to: For more information : - To book an appointment or to discuss our services : Call us : 0845 355 2000 - Email us : Claranet case study Clickedu Key services: • Amazon Web Services • Managed Hosting

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