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De Vere on cloud nine with Claranet's managed application hosting and networks

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Strengthening the relationship: the host with the most Whilst realising the benefits of the WAN solution, De Vere was simultaneously undergoing significant revisions to its web strategy to ultimately improve the online experience for users and increase revenue. Through this process De Vere came to the conclusion that, in order to support its ambitious e-strategy plans, it needed to upgrade its hosting infrastructure. Stanford explained why it was a natural decision to turn to Claranet for this: "What I like about Claranet is that they never stand still; the team is so proactive with ideas on how we can improve our business and they're never complacent. This leads us to put more business their way, a case in point being our e-strategy plans. The team's proactive consultancy, combined with their proven track record, gave us the confidence to entrust them with our expanding hosting requirements." Consequently, soon after the WAN network went live, De Vere chose Claranet to implement a hosting platform for its range of websites. This quickly evolved into a managed application hosting service, where Claranet manages applications such as De Vere's website booking engines. Stanford said: "Our network infrastructure is critical to our success, and our hosting infrastructure is no different. Millions of people rely on our websites to make bookings and payments, and we rely on our internal applications to make our business run. Downtime is not acceptable. Claranet showed that it offered the most advanced hosting solution to guarantee the high levels of uptime, security and flexibility to meet our business demands." Moving to the cloud: physical to virtual hosting As part of its complex and evolving web strategy, De Vere has rolled out a number of online campaigns aimed at driving traffic to the website and boosting revenue. The new platform therefore needed to cater for peaks and troughs in traffic for its ongoing campaigns, support De Vere's online strategy by providing an environment for building website branding activity, and provide the capacity for greater functionality in its booking engines. The solution came in the form of a Dedicated Virtual Hosting (DVH) platform, or private cloud, from Claranet. "Our online strategy is a major focus for us," said Stanford. "We have over a million people on our database that we reach out to regularly online, and we need to manage the volume of traffic generated when we do. We also aim to provide the smoothest and most advanced online experience for customers using our booking systems, while at the same time supporting the development of new website functionality. Claranet's private cloud service is the best solution for us as it allows server resource to be dynamically allocated to meet the changing demand from different applications and websites." With the right hosting platform in place, De Vere can continuously build on its online activity. For example, the business is now implementing a new booking management system, offering web users extensive functionality, such as the ability to book multiple services such as golf games, rooms and dining simultaneously. As De Vere's applications and websites will be held in a private cloud, all the virtual machines running on the servers are dedicated purely to De Vere's needs. "As a result," highlights Stanford, "any peaks and troughs in user demand that we experience from rolling out new campaigns or functionality can be taken in our stride, and we are able to pursue our online growth strategy wholeheartedly." A unified strategy: one provider for hosting and networks Since taking Claranet's DVH service, combined with its robust WAN solution, De Vere has undoubtedly realised cost savings as a result of a significant increase in website uptime and network availability. With a truly resilient network and hosting solution, De Vere now benefits from the assurance that customers can make bookings online easily and quickly, without website performance issues. Additionally, De Vere staff can utilise the network and applications hosted by Claranet to deliver a high level of service to its customers. "Thanks to Claranet's unified networking and hosting services, which offer outstanding scalability, De Vere is now in the strong position of being able to expand on the existing network and add new sites and functionality quickly and easily. We are confident that this inherent flexibility, combined with Claranet's in-depth understanding of our business, has created a solid foundation for forecasted future growth. We have a reliable web platform, a resilient WAN, and a good working relationship with our service provider, so we have no doubt that Claranet will continue to support De Vere as our business demands change." Jo Stanford, Group IT Director, De Vere Group. For more information about the De Vere Group, please go to : De Vere on cloud nine with Claranet's managed application hosting & networks Case study De Vere Managed application hosting & networks

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