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Claranets network services bring Norfolk Councils together

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For more information : - To book an appointment or to discuss our Network services : Call us : 0845 355 2000 - Email us : The challenge Throughout much of Norfolk, the built environment is regulated by a single body, CNC Building Control, a collaboration between the Borough Council of Broadland District Council, Norwich City Council and South Norfolk Council. Previously, the various council departments that made up CNC Building Control were linked by a low-bandwidth network which had been reasonably adequate for the organisation's needs. In autumn 2010 Broadland District Council, which hosts CNC Building Control, had proposed a shared MPLS Wide Area Network (WAN) with its technology partner Claranet, that could extend to the other participants. At the same time, the Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk was poised to join CNC Building Control in autumn 2010. Providentially, King's Lynn was also an existing Claranet customer. The addition of King's Lynn added a powerful voice advocating a shared high-performance WAN linking all the councils and based on Claranet's own network. "The organisation of CNC Building Control was spread over several sites across Norfolk, and the legacy connection between them was suitable only for very basic communications," said John Wickens, IT Technical Architect and Compliance Officer at South Norfolk Council. "Bandwidth, speed and security limited what we could achieve on the old infrastructure and, although each council had its own external network, there was no easy way to link these into a single, cohesive private network where everyone could access email, share information and work collaboratively. "While we wanted to improve communications among the various departments and premises that made up CNC Building Control, we realised that this was an opportunity to implement a platform that would help us achieve something much more significant and strategic," he continued. "A robust, resilient and secure network between council sites would improve collaboration between councils, allow us to share infrastructure costs, add new services that would benefit our operational efficiency, and improve the services we provide to residents." Norfolks Councils A group of local authorities in Norfolk is showing the way towards a more efficient and cost-effective public sector, by implementing a shared high-performance network service from Claranet. Broadland District Council, Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk, South Norfolk Council and North Norfolk District Council are now connected by a private MPLS network which enables them to share critical council services such as Building Control and Revenue & Benefits. The results are more cost-effective services for the residents of all four local authorities, greater flexibility and collaboration, and significant cost-savings. Case study Norfolk Councils Managed networks Claranet's network services bring Norfolk Councils together

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