Deployment at a time and pace that suits you

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If you have been following our 'Be an IT Hero' series, you will have already learned how cloud-based technology can boost productivity and transform your business operations. But how do you go about deploying Office 365? Is it just a case of signing up for the service and away you go? And what about the data you already have stored on site? How do you make that available to cloud services? Emails, calendar appointments and contact details all seem like relatively minor details in the scheme of a major IT project — but they are also crucial to how your users work. Having this information available from Day One will help to significantly reduce disruption — and assist with the user adoption process. The truth is that cloud does make doing business easier — but it also takes some work to get it set up correctly. Let's take a look at how a third party service provider can help you become a true IT hero by avoiding common cloud-deployment mistakes and freeing your team to focus on other technical challenges. Take a look at this issue to explore: Manageable upgrades Introduction How to choose your ideal IT partner How your choice of partner can be a competitive advantage How to roll out Office 365 with minimum disruption 2 THE ROLL-OUT OF IT THE ROLL-OUT OF IT

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