5 real-life examples of IT driving business improvement

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The challenge The Volo team used a range of disjointed applications and tools that created several data silos. As well as making software licensing and maintenance incredibly hard to manage, the Volo team were unable to collaborate effectively, hindering the company's growth plans. The solution Working with Claranet, Volo decided to replace their existing legacy Microsoft Office applications with the Cloud-based Office 365 platform. They then used the supplied APIs to link other legacy applications into the Office 365 system, helping to make data available across the business, and boosting collaboration opportunities between employees. The results Volo has been able to build break-out groups using the Office 365 collaboration tools, allowing them to adopt a more fluid and flexible way of working. Volo believes that Office 365 and Claranet were instrumental in helping launch their New York office, and for providing the launch point for their future expansion in the US. 7 "The first difference that everybody recognised was how much easier everything became – the user experience of working with documents, collaborating with colleagues, and simply communicating improved massively. With everything accessible through a single panel not only did productivity instantly improve, but we saw immediate benefits in the IT department." – Ed Rollinson Head of IT IT DRIVING BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT Volo operate in the ecommerce sector, helping other businesses overcome the challenges of selling across multiple digital channels like Amazon, Google and eBay. Launched in 2006, Volo now handles more than 40 million sales annually from their three global offices. Ecommerce consultants achieve global expansion ambitions thanks to Office 365 collaborative tools See the full story here

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