Blog | Is your network fit for cloud?

February 19, 2020 Claranet Limited

Organisations often realise that their current WAN is not fit for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud computing too late - when they move workloads to IaaS, platform as a service (PaaS) or SaaS offerings. WAN architectures need to be revisited to be fit for cloud.

Through 2023, I&O leaders who actively manage and reduce technical debt will achieve at least 50% faster service delivery times

Gartner, Nov 2019

We get it. When considering the right approach, there is now more choice and more complexity than ever.  You are in the spotlight to guide the business in the right direction and understanding the implications of moving to cloud and the ever-increasing cyber threat can leave you strangled by complexity.

The top 6 business challenges we see

  1. Need to get granular visibility and react quickly
  2. Pressure to support the adoption of SaaS, cloud services and IoT
  3. Increasing bandwidth demands
  4. Continual drive to reduce cost and increase value
  5. Need to improve availability and redundancy
  6. Growing security demands

The top 6 questions we get asked

  1. Should I be investing in SD-WAN or MPLS or using both? What will it do for my business?
  2. How can I maximise my networks ROI?
  3. How can I de-risk moving from other suppliers?
  4. How can I protect my business and be more resilient at sites?
  5. How can I connect into Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud securely?
  6. What do I do about PSTN switch off? How can I leverage my network?

How are things evolving?

By taking advantage of the power of the public cloud, or the flexibility of SaaS services, organisations are seeing the definition of the ‘edge’ change and the internet become a significant part of the corporate network. This is introducing additional bandwidth requirements, the need for flexibility to turn on new services rapidly, and the ability to provide the best possible end user experience. This requires a WAN that understands applications, provides visibility into how they are performing, uses detailed flexible configuration, and automatically chooses the best path for applications based on the current performance of the WAN.


Get the right application experience




Our customers’ drivers for network modernisation


  • Right-size and optimise performance vs. availability vs. cost
  • Unlock savings and get more from existing spend
  • Get fully redundant, load balanced active/active sites
  • Burst the bandwidth when required


  • Improve the control of the application experience
  • Make it easier to make adds and changes
  • Rapidly adapt the WAN to new applications
  • Improve the control of international connectivity


  • Gain granular insights with feature rich analytics portal
  • Understand which applications are utilising the most bandwidth
  • Have visibility into the health of your WAN links

Get the answers to your burning questions

Seize the opportunity to create an application aware architecture fit for the future. Leverage software-defined networking and the latest security practices to ensure your cloud projects are successful.

Call for an appointment to discuss your challenges.

Claranet network, security and cloud credentials

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  • European software defined network
  • Run critical national infrastructure
  • Industry leading NetPromoter score +64
  • 1 of only 5 globally with top accreditations from AWS, Microsoft, and Google
  • 60+ cybersecurity experts
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