• Webinar: How Claranet saved Funky Pigeon 40% on AWS59:35

    Webinar: How Claranet saved Funky Pigeon 40% on AWS

    It’s a full-time job keeping up with advancements in cloud solutions. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Service Provider (MSP) Claranet makes it its business to stay up to speed. Claranet’s dedication

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  • Claranet Cyber Security4:59

    Claranet Cyber Security

    With 17 years’ experience in cybersecurity services and training, for the biggest brands across the globe, Claranet Cyber Security combines the expertise of Sec-1 and NotSoSecure.

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  • Working Together In Office 3652:04

    Working Together In Office 365

    If you’re thinking about migrating your business to Office 365, talk to a Claranet Office 365 expert first. We’ll help you plan the journey.

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  • Missguided drives accelerated growth with AWS and Claranet2:26

    Missguided drives accelerated growth with AWS and Claranet

    Missguided's success is built on its ability to deliver a fast, seamless experience for its customers, but intense sales days meant they would have to prioritise traffic to keep their website running.

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  • Transform Your Business2:00

    Transform Your Business

    From a single site roll-out to a complex multi-site solution, we’re ready to help.

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  • Pitch Perfect: working together in Office 3651:49

    Pitch Perfect: working together in Office 365

    We can’t promise you a platinum record, but we can guarantee a platinum Microsoft Office 365 experience.

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  • SOCOTEC - Making the Switch to Hosted Voice with Claranet2:37

    SOCOTEC - Making the Switch to Hosted Voice with Claranet

    To enhance their capabilities, SOCOTEC turned to Claranet – who was their existing network partner – to arrange a full migration to its Hosted Voice system. This VoIP solution provides a complete tele

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  • Turning up the Heat at AGA Rangemaster4:35

    Turning up the Heat at AGA Rangemaster

    AGA Rangemaster is keeping in step with their increasingly tech-savvy customers, but overnight digital transformation is not an option.

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  • Testimonials from Sec-1's Penetration Testing Seminar1:43

    Testimonials from Sec-1's Penetration Testing Seminar

    Find out why our sell-out events are so popular.

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  • River Island case study2:47

    River Island case study

    River Island ensures its historical brand leads trends in retail by introducing digital technologies into stores to improve overall customer experience.

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  • Claranet’s managed network measures up to River Island’s growing demand for digital2:47

    Claranet’s managed network measures up to River Island’s growing demand for digital

    Doug Gardner, CIO at River Island, explains how Claranet have helped River Island to create an amazing customer experience.

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  • Pets at Home case study3:06

    Pets at Home case study

    Pets at Home is the UK’s leading specialist retailer of pet food, pet products and pet-related services, operating 431 superstores, 391 veterinarian practices, and 246 grooming salons nationwide.

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  • ICAEW case study2:02

    ICAEW case study

    ICAEW is a world leading professional member organisation that promotes, develops and supports over 144,000 chartered accountants worldwide. Its ACA qualification to train chartered accountants is res

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  • Unicef UK case study1:45

    Unicef UK case study

    Unicef UK’s digital channels are central to everything they do and their websites are key to its fundraising efforts.

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  • WPA case study video1:49

    WPA case study video

    WPA customers required access to their insurance policies at all times of the day or night, so availability was critical.

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  • Claranet & MyOptique2:43

    Claranet & MyOptique

    Claranet built a fully virtualised, auto-scaling AWS environment to ensure smooth and consistent operations in times of peak user demand.

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  • Third Financial case study1:40

    Third Financial case study

    As Third Financial grew, the company found a key problem: potential clients loved the software and the capabilities it offered, but many did not have the technical ability, infrastructure or willing.

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  • Channel 5 case study2:35

    Channel 5 case study

    Channel 5’s strategy is to drive additional on-demand video views from the Big Brother catch up-programmes and clips, increasing user engagement through social media by pushing news and content

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  • Informática Médica case study2:54

    Informática Médica case study

    The Informática Médica Group is a joint company dedicated to the development of information tools for the health sector.

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  • SOCOTEC & Claranet0:56

    SOCOTEC & Claranet

    How SOCOTEC rolled out Hosted Voice across the business in just three months

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