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Webinar: How Claranet saved Funky Pigeon 40% on AWS

It’s a full-time job keeping up with advancements in cloud solutions. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Service Provider (MSP) Claranet makes it its business to stay up to speed. Claranet’s dedication to close communication and weekly strategy sessions enables them to identify the best AWS solution to serve your cloud migration needs and deliver a plan for success.

Funky Pigeon, the fast-growing UK-based retailer of personalised cards and gifts, relied on Claranet to expertly guide their migration. Claranet took over Funky Pigeon’s existing AWS estate and restructured it to remove unnecessary spend.

Claranet’s team of cloud specialists began their work with a deep dive into Funky Pigeon’s AWS infrastructure. Three months of continuous collaboration resulted in Funky Pigeon adopting five new AWS solutions. By employing new tools that can advise on where Reserved Instances (RI) can be applied and what impact they’d have, Funky Pigeon substantially reduced expenses: 40% the first year, and an additional 25% the next. Funky Pigeon also reclaimed time by eliminating manual deployments, enabling its in-house teams to focus on innovation and ensure that the company remains competitive.

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