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In today’s multi-channel world, the good old-fashioned phone is still the number one method for customers to contact businesses – and for firms that take an old-fashioned approach to call handing, they could be losing a lot of money. £90 million a year, in fact.

That’s because far too many firms are missing far too many calls. Every incoming call is an opportunity. But every one that goes unanswered is a gift to your rivals.

In this video you’ll discover how hosted voice can ensure your customers always get through to the right people at the right time, as well as the other opportunities it delivers. Having employees working from anywhere can save you a stack in overheads, not to mention improve morale and work-life balance. It can even help you deal with natural disasters.

Key takeaways:

  • Every incoming call is an opportunity, but every unanswered one helps your rivals.

  • Missed customer calls cost UK SMEs an estimated £90m a year.

  • Hosted voice ensures every customer gets to the right person.

  • A hosted solution can boost morale, help with employee retention and reduce overheads.

  • It can even help your business handle disasters.

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