All gain, no pain: when the going gets tough, the tough get flexible

May 3, 2018 Claranet Limited

Flexibility and compliance need not be strangers. Hosted voice solutions make your life easier — and they can make your employees happier too.

Spring has sprung and we’re heading full speed into summer. Everywhere you look people are running, power walking or cycling because they want to be leaner, keener and more flexible. And the same is happening in business. As the world gets ever faster and more competitive, flexibility can be the difference between companies that just survive and businesses that thrive.

We all know the benefits of flexible working and its positive effects on employee morale, productivity and retention. However, we have been around the block enough times to know that while it may be good news for the employee, it is not always good news for the organisation trying to implement and manage it. Managing multiple users across a range of locations and platforms, not to mention the complexity and risk of Bring Your Own Device schemes, can be challenging to say the least. Moreover, if you operate in a heavily regulated sector such as the FinTech (financial services) industry, there are a whole bunch of extra hoops you need to jump through to be compliant.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get what no fitness regime can offer: all gain, no pain?

That is what hosted voice solutions deliver.

Hosted voice gives you everything you need without wasting time, effort or resources.

Hosted voice delivers call recording, data security and regulatory compliance across physical handsets, softphones, and (where using our Office UC application) smartphones and tablets too. There’s no dedicated hardware to install, no horrific licensing costs to consider and no need to worry about the logistics: just a straightforward, streamlined and utterly reliable service that’s available whenever you need it, in whatever quantities you require.

That delivers unparalleled flexibility. You might want to put extra people into customer service or the outbound sales team temporarily, or make a change to how your calls are managed to improve customer service. Hosted voice makes that effortlessAlternatively, you might be absorbing a smaller company you have just acquired and need the new employees to hit the ground running, while making customers feel like you’re one organisation, or dealing with massive but temporary demand around critical dates such as Black Friday in retail or the end of the financial year. All simple, elegant and instant.

With hosted voice, you are your own rapid reaction force

Hosted voice solutions deliver all the flexibility your employees want — and should consider by law — without the headaches or expense. You are not running cabling around the canteen or pushing trolleys of PCs around the office, investing in hardware that might not be entirely utilised, and you can do all of this remotely from an easy to use admin portal, often without the need to even visit the site.

There are several other key benefits. There’s the improved morale, productivity and retention of flexible working without the headaches of BYOD. There are cost savings from reliable uptime and significantly reduced maintenance overheads. And there’s the agility that comes from having flexible resources that can be increased in much the same way as turning on a tap.

If you are considering a hosted voice solution, it is crucial to find the right partner. Expect the best but make sure the provider is prepared for the worst: does its support services operate during the hours when you might need them? Do they have a track record in migrating and running applications and running voice over your network? Do they have a history to be proud of and partnerships with the organisations that matter?

Promises are like New Year’s resolutions. Anybody can make them, but you need a partner who’s in it for the long term.

Key takeaways:

  • Flexible working can be great for employees, but it can be a pain for the organisation implementing it
  • Hosted voice solutions deliver the flexibility of BYOD without the regulatory or logistical pains
  • Choosing a hosted solution means you can add or reorganise capacity with the minimum of effort
  • Hosted voice encompasses physical handsets, “softphones”, and smartphone, PC and tablet apps
  • Promises are like New Year’s resolutions. You need a partner who’s in it for the long haul

To find out more about how Claranet’s Hosted Voice solutions can add flexibility, simplify operations and make your life easier, please click here or call us on 0330 134 7417.


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